Hello! We are Made of Tomorrow. (Matt + Dan) - For those who don’t know, we are a two man team. We started this journey together in 2015. We both wanted to put our creative minds together to bring a homeware brand to life. Four years later, with many a lesson learned, we are extremely grateful to have become a known and trusted brand in the industry, and still find so much joy in designing and producing a full range of homeware, that is all made right here in New Zealand.

We were lucky enough to spend four months last year, traveling the World. We spent time in countries where we had drawn design inspiration from in the past, embracing the culture of each city, and visiting design museums that we had only dreamed about visiting. As incredible as it was to see all the countries that we did, we returned to New Zealand with a newfound appreciation for our home country.

It has been an absolute pleasure designing this new collection and bringing the story to life. Spending time traveling definitely allowed us to look at our company from a different perspective, and make improvements from what we discovered. In terms of design, it was more than just gathering inspiration that benefited our work, it was actually more about us discovering what our own style truly was.

We feel that the new products, especially in the ‘Surface Range’ and the ‘Garden Range’ speak volumes about our own style. We are naturally drawn to the curves and colors of retro design (this could have something to do with both of us being 90’s kids) and we both love minimal aesthetics, our new work is a unique amalgamation of retro-modern and Scandinavian designs, and as always, with practicality and functionality at the forefront of our objects.

Something else that our Made of Tomorrow family are always surprised to learn is that between the two of us, we do everything. No fancy design agency or photography team. We are true creatives, and we love to keep busy. From shooting our collection in multiple locations, designing our unique concept for our 2020 diaries, and bringing a full catalogue to life - is all us, just the two man team mentioned earlier. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We hope that you enjoy our ranges, and that the objects bring the same joy to your life, that we feel when bringing the pieces to life.

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Dan + Matt